“Together we are stronger”

I Performance

« Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Stay hungry, stay foolish, because only those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world they really change it » quot.

These are the words of a man who made the “Performance” a lifestyle: Steve Jobs. And straight from his words a group of friends with a huge business dream made “I Performance Club” in Brescia. This Club is made in order to easily connect professionals and entrepreneurs in different areas in a common place, so as to sharing, comparing each others and improving what we know as “the new economy” making real the motto “Together we are stronger”.


Our founding members set here their headquarters but this location will be the place dedicated to new ideas and projects development; a place where connection can easily grow and lure different experiences, know-how and professionals, which will be able to get a creative and original development: the perfect recipe for a group growth.


I p C is the place where emotions are created and spread in order to achieve new aims and goals.


Meaning of comparison


Club’s values and behavior influence each others in a way that causes strategic choices which nurture social everyday life. Besides the work environment defined in offices and work rooms, the club also has common spaces where every member can spend time in social occasions like public meetings, tasting and musical events. This casual and chatty occasions are the effect of a natural process which arouse the creative energy of entrepreneurial activity. This makes Acquaintanceship into Friendship. Friendship, which is the essential value of the Club, is also a goal of this Human path which has its starting point from spaces, work, challenges and personal background sharing. This area is not a working space but is a creative area which allows each member to identifies himself into other members and get the answers to his questions and to his working issues that he couldn't get easily on his own. Like Minos at the entrance of the Dante’s Inferno, the Founding Members and the President of the Club appraise the Worth of each applicant, therefore is not enough to be a professional or an entrepreneur but is strictly necessary to be first of all a Worthy person. In this way I p C becomes a meeting place for high performance people.